Whimsical Wednesday!

As I sit on my tush indoors to escape the sweltering heat this afternoon, I can’t help but daydream about mild summer nights spent with friends, lounging about in flowing fabric with a cool beverage in hand. For me this daydream conjures images of whimsical decor, a space where everyone can tap into the carefree and lighthearted version of themselves and truly relax! If we’re talking whimsy, NO ONE does it like Anthropologie.

I’ve been combing through all of my favorite sites in search of fun pieces for my own place and man, oh, man did I go down the Anthro rabbit hole today. We all need a little whimsy in our lives sometimes so I thought I would share my fave finds from my journey into the amazing vortex that is the Anthropologie website.

Forest Park Floor Lamp

A luxe silver tree in my living room? Yes please!


Wire Script Scripture 

A little something fun but delicate to jazz up your wall.


Pearled Magnolia Chandelier 

The very definition of “pretty”.


Agate Cheese Board

I’ll happily serve brie on this whimsically modern piece.


Stargazer Globe Lights

Insta “summer nights” vibe.


Circles Blooms Mirror

This large, statement-making piece has a lightness to it sure to brighten any room!


Society Animal Wall Art 

Oh Deer! This is too delightful.


Dappled Glass Votive Set

Let the soft glow of these romantic votives melt your stress away.


Isla Side Plate Set 

As if you are eating right off of the night sky, the most whimsical.


Rabbit Forestry Hook 

Take off your coat and stay awhile, this little guy will look after it!


Sometimes whimsical is viewed as feminine. I most definitely do not see it this way. I see it as lighthearted or otherworldly, think Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland. I see twinkling lights, color, fantastical things (like a deer in a bowtie)! Some of the above items are definitely more feminine as that is an element of my style, but not all of them. Whimsy is all about what takes you away to your happy place!

I hope that some of these items speak to you like they did to me and I encourage you to go get your click on the Anthropologie website and see what you can see!