Big Flowers, Little Apartment

For my birthday this year I was lucky enough to receive what felt in my heart like a billion flowers! I ended up with one large arrangement with a purple theme; another medium-sized arrangement with a yellow, orange, and pink motif; and yet another smaller arrangement with a classic white and pink color palette. As wonderful as each of these wonderful color bonanzas are, three arrangements like these can overwhelm a small apartment fairly quickly. In light of this recent predicament (the best predicament to have, really), I thought I would share with you how I decided to distribute the flower joy throughout my cozy living space.

The large purple arrangement has a natural home in the center of the dining table so that arrangement stayed intact. This arrangement also has a ton of gorgeous greenery in it that would not be as impactful if disassembled (in my opinion, obvi). The smaller pink and white arrangement stayed intact too as it is tall and skinny and has a ¬†perfect place in the kitchen. The kitchen, dining area, and living room are essentially all one room so placing the yellow, orange, and pink arrangement in there would be overkill. Our bedroom is out of the question as well due to the ever frustrating furniture limbo we are in, a common issue after moving into a new apartment. With nothing to put this arrangement on I decided to disassemble it and here is the result…




I divided up the flowers and cut down the stems to fit into three smaller glasses, one small 7Up glass (for a quirky, fun feel) and two stemless wine glasses. This way I can still display the flowers in our living room and bedroom without the arrangements becoming overwhelming. They fit on the limited surfaces available and you can still see and smell flowers at every turn!

Another thing I love to do with flowers is put them into beer glassware. We’ve got a ton of tall, skinny glasses with the names of different beers on them that make really interesting flower vases. I love that balance of masculine and feminine, it keeps things from being too frou frou. So next time you feel like your apartment is beginning to resemble a garden (again, the best predicament), distribute the flower wealth throughout your space using this trick!