Put A Bird On It!

If you watch Portlandia you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, watch Portlandia, it is hilarious! I’ve always been obsessed with animals, but mainly those of the soft and fluffy variety. Only recently have I found myself fascinated by birds. They are so cute the way they hop around and move their little heads quickly in every direction, chirping and fluttering. These attributes apply mostly to smaller birds but my interest does not stop there. I find larger birds mesmerizing as well! The way larger birds swoop around makes me wonder what that might be like, but I definitely prefer my diet to theirs! I’m pretty sure birds don’t get to pour themselves a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the reg so I’m good down here on my own two feet!

I look at certain birds and am struck by the naturally occurring patterns and colors that people strive to replicate. I find it truly amazing that that beauty just happened in nature! Needless to say, I am SUPER into the bird theme that seems to be dominating home decor websites and stores. SO, in honor of our feathery friends, I thought I would share some of my favorite bird-themed finds for whatever tickles your fancy!

  1. Underbrush Hook – Anthropologie 
Chirp Chirp – I’ll guard your coat!

2. Bird Watcher Kerri Upholstered Chair – World Market

Tweet Tweet – Take a load off your feet! 

3. Birds Buffet Table Lamp – Wayfair

Cooo Cooo! I’ll brighten your room!

4. Kylie Owl – Joss & Main

Whoooo Whoooo? We’ll hold the books for you!

I would apologize for my cheesy attempts to write out bird noises but it would be insincere. Hopefully one of these fun items speaks (chirps) to you!

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