Easy, Breezy, Birthday Look

Today is my birthday and I’ve got mixed feelings. I’m majority super excited because who doesn’t love the day when it’s your party and you can cry if you want to?! No crying here though, only cake eating! My only hang-up is that I sincerely thought I would have everything figured out by now. If you asked me in my early twenties what I would be doing now I would have definitely said something along the lines of “RULE THE WORLD”, and by that I mean be a high-powered somebody in a creative field where I only answer to me. That was obviously V ambitious and V millennial of me. Oh well, I have gained the maturity at this point to understand that finding your space in this world is a process that I’ve just got to roll with…so I shall party on! Enough of that talk though. To celebrate my birthday I’ve put together a festive outfit that screams summertime party!

  1. Linley Cut-Out Maxi Dress – Lilly Pulitzer
Stay cool in this printed maxi with cut-outs!

2. Mason Sandal – Splendid 

Continue the festive vibe with some subtle shimmer for your feet! 

3. Large Circuit Hoop Earrings – Cloverpost

Add delicate hammered gold hoops on the larger side for a laid-back island feel!

4. Tammy Ring Set of 2 – Elizabeth and James 

Add some fun gold rings for a bohemian look!

5. Amara Ring Set – Gorjana

Add these to the set above = ring game, strong!

6. Lola Ring – Gorjana

Add these to the mix = ring game, the strongest! 


I highlighted the Linley dress because I’m considering buying it for myself as a birthday present! It is breezy and fun but still polished looking. Anything fussy is OUT of the question in this D.C. swamp heat. I hope you love this outfit as much as I do!

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