New England Adventures!

Getting back into a routine after spending a week on vacay is rough. I’m so thankful for the time spent away with family and friends but now that I’m back in D.C., it feels like I need another vacation to reset! “Just a couple more days to get my life in order, pleassseeeeeee” I would say to my boss in a perfect world… Oh well, I’ll get back into the swing of things and have all sorts of fun things to share in the meantime!

Over the years I’ve heard friends and family rave about Maine. They’ve talked about the gorgeous coastline, amazing seafood, and charm of vacation spots well loved by New Englanders. I can finally share in the convo (about southern Maine at least)! I agree with all the wonderful things I’ve heard about the state but would like to add that I am CERTAIN mother nature likes Maine way more than anywhere else (D.C. for sure) because the weather was perfect from our arrival on Sunday evening until our departure on Thursday Morning. Mid-70s to Low-80s, a dream really.

We stayed in Wells for our trip, a great jumping off point for our adventures into Kennebunkport, York, and Ogunquit (try saying that one 10 times fast). I had a REALLY tough time with the word Ogunquit in the beginning but can now proudly say I’ve got it down (that second “u” is a rascal). Our first full day we went to Kennebunkport to do lunch and see all the beautiful homes. I was overjoyed to see the Bush family compound, it really is gorgeous and quite impressive!

Bush Family Compound – Kennebunkport, ME (wishing those people would stop basically ruining my vacay with the Bush family)  

For lunch we popped into Arundel Wharf where I gleefully consumed a Bloody Mary, steamers, and lobster salad piled high atop half an avocado (meal of dreams). I’ve found lunch is made better by picturesque views of pristine boats bobbing in the water!

Not a bad place to drink a Bloody Mary (as if there was a bad place to drink one)!

The following day was the 4th of July (YAY AMERICA) and we drove to York to spend some time at the beach! We were visiting my boyfriend’s Aunt and Uncle who are members of a delightful beach club with a pool area where we basked like turtles in the sun and consumed many tasty beverages. The frozen lemonade with vodka was too good, as was their cucumber basil lemonade with vodka!

York Beach Views! 

After visiting the beach club we drove into Ogunquit to have Lobsters! We went to Barnacle Billy’s etc. in Perkins Cove and it was magical. I ate a Lobster the size of my head and had the most fun doing it! We sat on a stone patio canopied by trees and surrounded by flowers. We could see the boats coming in and out, preparing for the fireworks to take place that night, it was a wonderful experience!

View from the patio at Barnacle Billy’s etc. 

After dinner we went and found a prime spot for watching the fireworks, an activity I look forward to every year no matter where I am for the 4th! The Ogunquit Beach firework show was one of those that you could swear the finale is happening about every five minutes because it is so spectacular. Between lounging at the beach/pool, eating a Lobster, and watching the fireworks, I’d say it was a perfect 4th of July!

The next day we decided to go wander around Ogunquit for a bit to shop and eat lunch before heading back to York for another day at the beach club. We ate lunch and had a couple of drinks at Cornerstone, obviously sitting on the patio for people watching reasons. After lunch we bopped over to the CUTEST shop called Calluna Fine Flowers and picked up a navy serving tray to give to our hosts as a gift! If you have the chance to visit, this shop has a wide variety of items that are perfect for gifts (or you obvi)!

As many have said before me, GO TO MAINE! It is absolutely beautiful. If you are like me and grew up in the south going to the beaches in Florida, Alabama, Texas, the East Coast is a fun change of scenery. The best word I can use to describe Maine is charming. The towns we visited were lively and vibrant but quaint!

We ended our week of vacation on Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire with friends! We ate delicious food, worked puzzles, played beer pong, and sat by the fire. Just the right amount of rowdiness and relaxation!

Lake Winnisquam – V Picturesque

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