Yay America: A Multi-day Story of Recovery From My European Tour of Rosé

This past weekend I planned to do some serious R & R before rolling full steam ahead into the 4th of July. The idea was that I would go to a friend’s birthday celebration/housewarming party for a bit on Friyay, get into bed early to rise and shine on Saturyay. I needed to be up early (well, early for me on a weekend at least) for the Quicken Loans Golf Tournament where I planned to stroll around drinking mostly water (because hydration). After the tournament I would get home to cook dinner and pack before getting into bed early again to leave for Maine bright and early Sunday morning. I was going to be well rested, I was going to be energetic, I was going to be ready for a party week! As you have likely gathered at this point, things did not go as planned and I was not any of these things on Sunday morning.

On Friday night my boyfriend and I headed to my friend’s housewarming where she was having a Rosé tasting. Sounds classy AF, right? WELL, for me and my galpals “tasting” turned into full blown glasses of each type that she bought. She bought 8 or so bottles and there were about 6 of us “tasting” consistently so you do the math. We then proceeded to stay out until about 1am before finally moseying home to get some sleep for our 7am wake up time the next morning. Restful this evening was NOT, but was it super fun, YES! FYI, my fave Rosé was from Austria, the more you know!

So I’ve discovered that I LOVE going to golf tournaments. The manicured grass, chirping birds, and abundance of people wearing athleisure takes me to my happy place. While I was far from well rested, I had a good amount of energy and was ready to seize the day when we arrived on Saturday morning. And seize the day I did, quite aggressively. Three glasses of Chardonnay, one torrential downpour, and a moscow mule later I not only probably looked like a wet dog, but had turned a lovely shade of lobster red from that delightful (hot as the blazes of hell) DC summer sun. Again, not at all relaxing but a ton of fun. I did get Rickie Fowler’s autograph though, definitely a win!

Time to go home and pack now, right? WRONG. We then went to a friend’s impromptu barbeque where I thought it was a good idea to get back into the Rosé and eat my bodyweight in Oreos… woof. So let’s fast forward to 10pm when we are finally home trying to pack (I literally had no idea what I put in my suitcase). On the way to Maine I was thinking, hopefully I have all the things I need but who knows? I chose to look at this like a fun game rather than an adulting failure!

Rested and relaxed I am certainly not but it was an awesome weekend! I’m choosing to look at it like my boyfriend and I are just extremely dedicated to getting the most out of our vacation (beginning literally and hour after we got home from work on Friday… whatever, YOLO).

Throughout what I am calling my “Rosés of the World Tour” this weekend I did pick up some useful things to share:

  1. Firework Oreos are GOOD. They taste just like regular Oreos but have itty bitty bits of candy that pop a little in your mouth (sounds weird but is pretty delightful).

    Up close and personal with the Firework Oreo!
  2. Oreo Thins are GOOD (but it defeats the purpose of buying them if you recklessly eat half the package AND regular sized Firework Oreos).
  3. Miraval Rosé from France is amazing and the most beautiful amber/blush color.thumbme.html
  4. Zweigelt Rosé from Austria is V Tasty.                               9923604152350
  5. Pallas Rosé from Spain is also wonderful.


See, my indulgent behavior was all for you so you can know about these wonderful things! Pick one or ALL of them up to upgrade your 4th of July Party! Meanwhile, I’ll be over here in Maine continuing to recover (and by that I mean continuing to drink Rosé)… 

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