Tales of a Brunch: My Diet Starts Next Week…

Happy SaturYAY! I’ve been to a restaurant on 14th Street called Provision No.14 a couple of times now for dinner and drinks. I really enjoyed their dinner fare and the tasty and imaginative cocktail presses they do. When my friend and I were trying to decide where to brunch this afternoon we thought P14 would be fun. We sat outside on the restaurant’s beautiful patio, complete with whimsical string lights draped over the seating area. They were not on because it was the late morning/early afternoon but just visualize with me here…it was beautiful!

I ordered a mimosa variation they call The Orangina, consisting of sparkling wine, orange juice, grapefruit and lemon; and my friend ordered the Mango Mimosa with sparkling wine, Bayou Rum, mango, lemon, and ginger. These shake-ups of an old brunch favorite were delicious and gleefully consumed!


While perusing the food menu I considered, for the briefest of moments, choosing something healthy like the Avocado Toast before quickly asking my friend if she wanted to share the Chicken + Funnel Cake. Yes, I said FUNNEL CAKE! Like the responsible adults  that we are we ALSO ordered side salads of course, for nutrients. You know, general health and wellness and such. This plate of food was amazing and everything I wanted it to be. The funnel cake was fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside with powered sugar on top, and the chicken was fried to crunchy golden brown perfection. The power combo was served with maple syrup and some type of life-changing sweet gravy (hidden behind the pile o’ chicken in the photo).


The photo does not even begin to do the dish justice but you can sure see how unique it is! If you have not already gathered, our brunch experience at P14 was wonderful and I highly recommend it. I’ve got my eye on the Pound Cake French Toast or the Steak Benedict for the next time I make a brunch visit (expect a report); after which future me will definitely claim that my diet will start the following week.

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