I Love Sink

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in downtown D.C. is visually stunning, inside and out. I will be focusing solely on the interior here though, specifically the bathroom! You may find this odd if you have ever visited the hotel because there is A LOT to take in. From the green glass chandeliers in the lobby to the more industrial modern decor of the hotel’s restaurant Dirty Habit (the back bar is amazing by the way), there is no shortage of things to look at.

Let me give you some backstory before moving into my amazing sink epiphany! The last time I went to the hotel was to visit the bar inside the recently redesigned restaurant Dirty Habit, which used to be Poste (a downtown staple). I was struck by the decor and how amazing the service was. The drinks were delivered speedily and the faux (hopefully) alligator covered chairs made me feel particularly sleek and sophisticated. I ordered at least two glasses of rosé there on top of the two I had prior to our arrival at this spot so by the time we were leaving I was feeling extra fancy free! Oh well, I blame SaturYAY.

Before we left I needed to pop into the ladies room so I made my way up the stairs and after all business was tended to I went to wash my hands. There in front of me was one of the most beautiful sinks I have EVER seen! I almost didn’t want to wash my hands in it, it was too gorgeous! I’ve seen beautiful fixtures that made me stop in admiration but the sinks in the women’s restroom in the Kimpton Hotel Monaco take the cake.

Botanical Study Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink by Kohler

Why do I love this sink so much? It is sleek and modern but also features organic shapes that bring warmth into the space. The sink of wonders also speaks to the importance of being detail oriented in a design approach. A ton of thought and physical labor went into shaping the main lobby of the hotel into a unique masterpiece and it is clear that the same care went into the bathrooms! High style and design don’t just stop with the rooms that have the most traffic. Themes must be carried throughout a space (even if your theme is a lack of one, like painting each room a different color).

A sweet angel woman walked into the bathroom while I was taking this photo and looked at me like a lunatic but said nothing. Don’t let this strange behavior be all for naught and go visit the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, Dirty Habit, and the bathroom ASAP!

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