Afternoon Teal Time!

My favorite color is, and has always been, blue! I love all of the different shades that can carry me from the sky to the sea and across continents. I’m not super into astrology but perhaps my love for this color is connected to my being a water sign but who knows. For me, a rich blue breathes life into even the most uninspired setting so I thought for my first true home design post I would pull in one of my favorite variations of the color, teal! While I know that teal is an impactful blend of blue and green, I’ve pulled in solidly blue accents to compliment the focal point.

This layout is my take on a comfy-cozy family room designed around a gorgeous teal sofa! While this sofa is a bit bohemian in this color and velvet fabric, the shape lends itself to many styles of complimentary decor that I played around with here. To ground the room I selected grey accents including a rug with a pattern that still has a touch of whimsy to it, a sturdy coffee table that isn’t too dense next to the large sofa, and a small side table with more of a silver finish that allows light to pass through. I wanted the items in the immediate area around the sofa to help lighten up the bold and cozy piece!

For lighting I chose a table lamp with a teal base and simple shade to continue the theme and pull in subtle gold accents. I LOVE to mix metallics but for me there must be one primary metallic (in this case, silver) and one accent metallic. In contrast to the table lamp, I chose a floor lamp with silver finishes and a “crystal bead” shade to add some dimension to the space and throw light throughout the room.

As far as additional seating goes, I chose a striking true blue velvet chair with gold studs to both balance the room and pull in another rich blue shade. The idea is to create an inviting sea of blue without being overwhelmed by the color. For wall decor, I wanted to bring in some organic but polished pieces. I am absolutely obsessed with all animal themed decor (think bird prints, ceramic horns, NOT real animals just to be clear) so the silver buck head drew me in. The floral painting brings in a pop of pink, orange, and green to add interest to the teal themed room. The agate coasters are a great way to continue the theme in a small way and are honestly, just beautiful and fun to look at!

Teal Time_

1. Harrington Large Sofa – Lumino Teal – Barker and Stonehouse 2. Newbury Grey Area Rug – Mistana 3. Crystal Bead Floor Lamp – Pier One Imports 4. Pink Peonies by Emma Bell – Christenberry Collection 5. Aliyah Coffee Table – Joss & Main  6. Asher Verse Nailhead Trim Chair – Ink Blue- Pier One Imports 7. Teal Ombre Glass Table Lamp – Barker and Stonehouse 8. End Table – !nspire – Wayfair 9. Mini Stag Wall Sculpture – Torre & Tagus – Gilt 10. Gold Rimmed Agate Coaster – Mapleton Drive – Wayfair 

To this mix I would also add some fun throw pillows in shades of grey or lighter blue (or even a deep green!) and a big ol’ mirror on the wall! This family room is meant to be warm and inviting, but also chic. To me chic NEVER means cold or sterile feeling and I love a thoughtful use of color. If you like this, there are more ideas brewing where this came from so stay tuned!

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